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Admittance to the WRAC Facility

Full-time Students: All current full-time NSU students must present a valid NSU ID card at the front desk to enter the WRAC Facility. All cards will be swiped on the card reader to indicate that this student is a current WRAC fee paying student. The ID card should be with each participant during his/her entire stay at the center unless the card was left at the front desk or equipment desk.

All other Patrons: All patrons are eligible to join the WRAC by paying the appropriate fees. The fee shall be paid in advance for a year, six months or on a monthly basis through an electronic bank funds transfer.  Electronic bank debit forms are available at the WRAC front desk.   Electronic debit accounts shall provide a voided check or deposit slip from the account in which you want debited. These members will get a Membership ID Card in room 210 of the WRAC.  There will be an ID card fee of $5.00 when first joining.

Dependents: There is no membership fee for dependents of current members, but there are procedures to follow. Dependents shall pay the $5.00 entry fee to pick up their membership Card. Children under the age of 8 are not allowed access or use of the facility. Dependents using the WRAC Facility are those defined as being between the ages of 8-18 and not yet graduated from High School.  Dependents under the age of 14 must enter the WRAC with an adult and that adult must stay in the facility while the dependent is in the facility.

30 Day Trial:  Anyone is eligible to purchase a 30 day trial membership.  You shall provide a picture identification as well as fill out all proper paperwork.  This membership is good from the date of purchase for 30 days.  All fees shall be paid up front.  A WRAC ID card must be purchased for $5.00 and may be picked up in room 210 of the WRAC.

Guests: Each guest shall pay a fee of $10.00 per visit. All guests must show a picture ID, fill out a guest form, and pay the $10.00 fee at the front desk.

** Using another person’s ID card or under any other false pretenses to gain admittance to the WRAC may result in the confiscation of the ID and termination of one’s membership for one year. All NSU students involved will be referred to the Vice President for Student Affairs**

WRAC Facility Membership Fees

All members (except NSU Students) shall sign a membership contract for one year or six months. All members shall pay a $5 ID card fee (except NSU Students). Fees may be paid the following ways:

  • 1 Year (Best Deal)
  • 6 Months
  • Monthly *

Membership fees may be paid by cash, check, VISA/MC/AMX/Discover, or electronic funds transfer. * Monthly payments may only be made through bank electronic funds transfer. All memberships will begin on the 1st of the month. Memberships beginning after the 10th of any month will be considered to have started on the 1st of the next month.

All WRAC Facility members who are not NSU students shall purchase a WRAC ID for $5.00 and pick it up in room 210 of the WRAC upon purchase. There will be a replacement fee of $5.00 for a new card.

Any delinquent unpaid balances due by any patron are subsequent to being placed with the University’s Contracted Collection Agency and reported to credit bureaus, and that patron will be responsible for all associated collection costs and legal

NSU WRAC Membership Fee Schedule

*Family memberships include both parents and all dependents age 8-18 (as long as not yet graduated from High School)

**All Patrons shall purchase a WRAC ID card EXCEPT NSU Students.

***There are no Pro-rated Fees at any time.

****NSU students must be enrolled for the summer or following fall semester in order to purchase a summer membership at the NSU WRAC Fee rate.

Locker Rental:    36” NSU Student Locker (includes towels)    $30/year

36” Other Patron Locker (includes towels)       $60/year

60” Other Patron Locker (includes towels)       $80/year