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IM Point System

Men Only:  Points will only be rewarded on the Demon Cup Tournament Weekend for major events.  Rosters will be limited to only 30 players in your organization, and will lock at the beginning of the Volleyball Tournament.  A team must enter regular season under your organization name to be eligible to play in the Demon Cup Tournament Weekend.  A team must not forfeit any regular season game to be eligible for the tournament.  If the tournament is in the middle of regular season and the team forfeits a regular season match/game after the tournament, the team will lose all points gained in the tournament, and all respected teams will move up a position in points. 

Women Only:  For Major sports, points will be awarded based below after playoffs have completed. 

Men & Women:  Mid-major & Minor events will be awarded during the scheduled times.  Minor Events must have at least 3 participants for your organization to count for points.  If an individual scores points for his team, but he doesn't have the required 3 participants than he will score no points for his team.  His points are lost and will not be rewarded to the next individual.  If a team places multiple times, the team will only be rewarded the highest finisher-the remainder points will be lost and not awarded to the next individual.

**** Please Note:  Men & Women, if you are outside of the Top 10 in any minor event, there will be no points awarded. ****

Point system breakdown is listed below:

Major Event

1st place-100 pts, 2nd place-90 pts, 3rd place-80 pts, 4th place-70 pts, 5th place-60 pts

6th place-50 pts, 7th place-40 pts, 8th place-30 pts, 9th place-20 pts, 10th place-10 pts

Mid-Major Event

1st place-40 pts, 2nd place-36 pts, 3rd place-32 pts, 4th place-28 pts, 5th place-24 pts

6th place-20 pts, 7th place-16 pts, 8th place-12 pts, 9th place-8 pts, 10th place-4 pts

Minor Event

1st place-20 pts, 2nd place-18 pts, 3rd place-16 pts, 4th place-14 pts, 5th place-12 pts

6th place-10 pts, 7th place-8 pts, 8th place-6 pts, 9th place-4 pts, 10 place-2 pts