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The Department of Wellness & Recreation at Northwestern State University strives to provide comprehensive competitive sports and recreational activities designed to meet the varied interests and needs of all students, faculty and staff, regardless of their ability or skills.



1.                   To provide competitive and recreational activity programs which meet the needs of students, faculty and staff at NSU.

2.                   To provide students with the opportunity for decision making and leadership roles as officials, student supervisors, team captains, participants, council members and in other capacities.

3.                   To provide opportunities for wholesome social relationships through group and individual interaction.

4.                   To develop desirable attitudes, good sportsmanship and high standard of cooperation among students.



Entry forms for all activities may be found at the NSU WRAC front desk and in the Intramural Office (room 217) located in the NSU WRAC and should be completed and returned by the established entry deadlines.  Late entries will be permitted only if a team drops out of competition and there is an opening in a particular pool.    All brackets will be drawn by the Intramural Coordinator, and witnessed by an unbiased WRAC employee after the entry deadline.  Once a bracket is created, it will not be changed.  Brackets will be posted at the WRAC as soon as possible after the entry deadline.  Please call 357.5341 for additional information.

1.                   Team Rosters MUST include the team name as well as the first and last name and student ID number of ALL team members.  The team captain must also provide their name, address and phone number when signing up the team.

2.                   Schedules will be available to all teams after the mandatory team captains meeting.

3.                   A representative from every team must be present at the captains meeting.  If a team representative misses a meeting, the team may be excluded from participation.   

4.                   Potential new participants may be added to a team’s roster in the Intramurals office at anytime prior to the first game in which the participant will participate in (see eligibility requirements).  Upon completion of the first game, no additions will be made to any roster.  Team rosters will be frozen at the conclusion of the regular season prior to the playoffs.

5.                   A $10.00 non-refundable entry fee will be charged to all teams participating in Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball. Teams will not be allowed to participate in the league until this fee is paid. 



1.                   Fraternities may enter two teams, an A and a B.  The A team will participate in the fraternity league and the other will participate in the open league. 

2.                   In major sports (Volleyball, Football, Basketball, and softball) a player (name must appear on game roster) must participate in no less than 50% of the regular season games (including forfeits) to be eligible to participate in playoffs.  A team with any forfeits will be excluded from the playoffs.

3.                   In major sports all team rosters will be frozen after the completion of regular season play.

4.                   Teams are encouraged to keep the same name throughout the year to be eligible for the All Campus Championship Trophy.

5.                   An individual may only participate on one team within a structured league during the duration of that particular sport.  (An individual may participate in a men’s or women’s league and still be eligible to participate in a co-rec league).



Each team should have an Intramural Team Captain elected or appointed to be the spokesperson for their team.  This person shall act as the liaison between the team and the Intramural Office.  Matters affecting the team are communicated from the Intramural office to the representative who in turn is responsible for informing his/her team members.



1.                   Contact the Intramural Office frequently for information concerning planned activities and ongoing events.

2.                   Develop and implement a marketing plan to enhance the awareness of Intramural events and the competitive intramural program for your particular group or organization.

3.                   Assist teams and individuals in registering for activities and special events.

4.                   Assist groups and organizations in submitting their team rosters for each event to the Intramural office.

5.                   Become familiar with eligibility rules for Intramural participation and advise teams accordingly.  (See eligibility rules page)  Rules pertaining to each sport are available in the Intramural Office upon request.

6.                   Be sure that each team entering a league in Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball submits the entry fee prior to or at the Team Captain’s Meeting.

7.                   Notify team members of their original schedule and any changes and/or rescheduled contests for the duration of pool play.

8.                   Attend IM Rep meetings, team captain meetings, and rules clinics as scheduled.

9.                   Check game schedules carefully for potential conflicts prior to beginning play and notify the Intramural Office (357.5341) if you anticipate a conflict with a scheduled contest.

10.                Forfeit time is game time; please have your team(s) at the game site at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the contest.


Experience has proven that the most successful teams, the teams that are always competing for league championships, are the ones with intelligent and effective team captains.  Good teams and good captains usually go hand in hand.



Eligibility rules for Intramurals are designed to provide an opportunity for all students, faculty and staff to participate in a competitive setting with competition being as fair as possible.



  1. All fee paying (student association fees) students on the Natchitoches Campus enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours, graduate and undergraduate, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in all Recreational Sports sponsored programs and shall retain that status until they withdraw or graduate from the NSU or fail to comply with the rules and regulations stated in this handbook.  All contracted services (i.e. ARAMARK and Red River Services) are not eligible to compete in Recreational Sports sponsored events.  Students attending LSMSA are also eligible to enter all intramural events.  (They cannot however attend the Louisiana state tournament.
  2. When a person has participated (name on game roster) for a particular sport, he/she becomes a permanent member of that team throughout the sport.  Once playing eligibility has been established a person cannot change teams.  A person cannot participate on more than one team in that same league.  In the event a person plays on more than one team then he/she may be the subject of an eligibility protest.
  3. A player must participate in no less than 50% of the regular season scheduled contests (including forfeits), before he/she is eligible to participate in the league playoffs.
  4. The Intramural office does not assume responsibility for checking the eligibility of participants unless specifically requested in writing to do so (formal protest) by the team captain.
  5. All player eligibility protests must be communicated with a game supervisor/official immediately.



  1. Upon completion of their NCAA athletic eligibility, a student athlete may participate in their particular sport during competitive intramural leagues.  There is a limit of one (1) former NCAA athletes per team (FB, VB, BB, and SB).
  2. NCAA athletes can play any sport that they did not letter in.  For example, an NCAA football player can play volleyball, basketball, or softball.
  3. Any individual receiving financial aid directly for his/her athletic participation shall not be eligible to participate in that sport during that same year of an NSU competitive intramural program.
  4. Professional athletes for the purpose of Intramurals are individuals who have received pay for play.  A professional athlete is barred from participation in the sport in which he/she is a professional.
  5. Any student who has lettered at a two or four year institution is not eligible to participate in that sport in a LCIRSA sponsored state tournament.



Each team that becomes the campus champion for a given sport will have the opportunity to go on to compete in a state tournament against other universities.  In the event that a team must pick up players to go to the tournament, the new players must have been on a team roster, competed in our on campus league and been eligible for the NSU campus tournament.  They do not have to be from the team going to state, but they must meet all other requirements.



1.                   Ineligible Player – any person participating in an Intramural activity found to be ineligible shall be suspended for the remainder of that activity and all contests they participated in shall be forfeits by the team they played for.

2.                   Assumed Name – a player competing under an assumed name shall be barred from Intramural competition for the remainder of the semester, as well as causing team to forfeit games they participated in and possibly be terminated from the league.  If there is an issue about the identity of a student, the student in question will need to present a valid driver’s license or a second photo id.

3.                   Teams using an Ineligible Player – any team using an ineligible player shall forfeit all games in which the ineligible player participated, as well as be subject to expulsion from the league.



In major team sports (flag football, volleyball, basketball, and softball) there will be a Men, Women, and Co-rec (There is no Co-rec for Basketball.  Basketball has a Men’s 6 ft and Under league instead) league. In the event there are too many or too few teams in a particular league, the Coordinator of Intramurals reserves the right to move any team from one league to another to balance league play. 


In major team sports, a regular season league will be played with each team playing all teams in their league.  If there is not a clear cut winner (best record) within the league, the tiebreaker system will be used in this order:  1. head to head competition, 2. defensive points allowed, and 3. offensive points scored.  The top teams (the exact amount will depend on number of leagues in each sport) in each league will also advance to the All Campus Tournament.  The winner of the All Campus Tournament in flag football, volleyball, basketball, and softball will have the opportunity to represent NSU in the LCIRSA State Tournament.


In the minor competitive sports, all participants will compete in a single elimination tournament (double elimination if time permits).  At the conclusion of the tournament points will be distributed according to how the team finished in the respective competition.



As competition grows stronger between teams, the All Campus Champion Cup will be awarded to the overall team point’s leader throughout the intramural year.  Points toward the cup will be awarded based on performance in the All Campus Tournaments, league play, and minor sports tournaments.  Please note that not all Intramural events will count toward the All Campus Champion Cup.  At the conclusion of the academic year (August –May), the intramural department will award a Men’s All Campus Champion Cup, and a Women’s All Campus Champion Cup.  Please note that the intramural department will not award a Greek Cup.  This will be taken care of through the Greek Life Office.  All Greeks however will compete towards the Men’s and Women’s All Campus Champion Cup.



For maximum enjoyment, the rules of fair play and sportsmanship must be adhered to closely in all Intramural events.  Instances of poor sportsmanship will be dealt with severely.  There is a “no mouth” policy where players who direct negative comments to an official are automatically ejected from the league or tournament depending on the severity of the incident.  The team captain (must be listed on the roster as the team captain) is the only person permitted to talk to game officials and he/she must do so in an appropriate manner.  Participants ejected from a contest/game are subject to a one game suspension from play and cannot participate again until he/she meets with the Coordinator of Intramurals.   The Department of Wellness & Recreation may choose to enforce stricter consequences for flagrant misconduct.  Teams are responsible for the action of their spectators as well as their players and will be liable for any unsportsmanlike conduct on their part.  All game ejections are subject to appeal to the Coordinator of Intramurals.



The Intramural Program reserves the right to eject any individual, team, or fan who interrupts the flow of a game in any manner.  Ejections may occur before, during, or after any contest.  Any ejected player(s) must leave the playing area and facility immediately.  If the player refuses to leave, the game is forfeited.  All ejected players must meet with the Coordinator of Intramurals before they are permitted to participate in future intramural contests.  If an ejected player does not meet with the Coordinator by 12:00 noon the day of their next scheduled contest, then the team will forfeit that game and will be dropped from the league.  Remember the ejected player must meet with the Coordinator during their office hours.  Please look at the guidelines for game suspensions.



Intramural participants are urged to purchase student insurance for their own protection.  Since participation in the Intramural program is on a volunteer basis, neither the University nor the Department of Wellness and Recreation or its staff will accept responsibility for injuries sustained during, before, or after scheduled intramural contests, in the WRAC, or in the general recreation program.  Participants are not automatically covered by accident insurance when they participate in intramural sports.  They must provide their own insurance coverage.



Contests/games may be postponed only with the consent of the intramural Office.  Request for postponements must be filed at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the contest/game.  The date for rescheduling postponed games will be determined by those involved and the intramural Office.



1.           The team requesting the postponement must contact its opponent and seek agreement on postponement of the contest

2.           If the opponent agrees to postpone the contest/game, the team requesting the postponement must get a postponement form from the Intramural Office.

3.           The team initiating the postponement then suggests available dates/times for rescheduling from the Intramural Office and secures its opponents’ agreement (signature) for one of these periods.

4.           Postponement request forms must be submitted with all necessary signatures to the Intramural Office a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the originally scheduled contest/game in order for the contest/game to be postponed.

5.           Once a scheduled contest/game has been rescheduled it will not be changed.

6.           Decisions pertaining to weather related postponements will be made after 2:00 pm of the day in question.



A default is an unplayed game that is recorded as a loss rather than a forfeit.  This results when the defaulting team captain notifies the Recreational Sports Office 24 hours prior to game time that their team will be unable to attend.  A default may be used for an unforeseen circumstance or for any reason a team is unable to play.  Each team participating in an Intramural Sports League is permitted one default per sport season.



Game time is forfeit time … Each team is responsible for being at the game site at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time and ready to play (this includes having all players checked in and rosters completed).  If a team or contestant fails to be ready at the time the contest is scheduled, the supervisor in charge may declare a forfeit by that team.  If a team forfeits two games, the team will be dropped from further competition in that sport.  A team with any forfeits will be excluded from the playoffs.  A $25 forfeit fee/per game may be charged if a team forfeits from a non-appearance.  The fee must be paid for the team to continue participating in any intramural event. 

Forfeits shall be assessed for the following: use of an ineligible player, unofficial rescheduling of a contest/game, inappropriate behavior during a game, and for non-appearance at a scheduled contest/game.  Forfeited games cannot be made up.



Only protests based on questions of player eligibility and rules interpretation (when misinterpretation affects the outcome of the game) will be evaluated.  Protests which challenge the accuracy of an official’s or supervisor’s judgment will not be accepted.

The team captain must make any protest involving rule(s) interpretation to the official in charge at the time the incident in question occurs.  The protesting team must make sure the particulars of the play in question are noted on the back of the score sheet/rosters (exact time of play, score, time remaining, situation) before play resumes.  Once a situation has passed, it is no longer subject to change or protest.  In addition, the team captain must file a formal protest in the Intramural Office no later than 4:30 pm of the next working day.  A rule interpretation protest can only be filed by the opposing team.


Player eligibility protest must be brought to the attention of the supervisor/official in charge prior to game time.  If during the game an ineligible player enters the competition, the opposing team shall file a protest before play continues.  If an eligibility protest is found valid, the Intramural Department shall make a ruling relative to the action taken.  After competition is completed, player eligibility protest will no longer be valid.  Any student has the right to appeal the Intramural Department’s decision up to three days after that decision has been rendered.


Any individual or organization has the right to appeal within three (3) working days a decision to the Coordinator of Intramurals concerning his/her eligibility, disqualification, or suspension from the intramural program.

All decisions relative to rules and eligibility will be made by the Coordinator, GA, supervisors, and officials for the contest.  An appeal may be filed with the Coordinator of Intramurals within 3 working days.  If the incident being appealed is severe, a committee made up of the Department of Wellness & Recreation professional staff may oversee the appeal process.  After this all decisions are final.  All appeals must be accompanied by a $10.00 filing fee.  If the protest is upheld, the fee is returned, if the protest is denied, the fee is not refunded.  Anyone has the right to appeal a decision made by the Intramural Department relative to actions taken in regard to an eligibility protest or rule interpretation.



Northwestern State University may send a representative from each division (men, women, and co-rec), as well as officials, to the LCIRSA State Tournament in Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball.  Sending a team means paying the team’s entry fee and providing rooms for Friday and Saturday night (if and only if money is available in the Recreational Sports budget).  Please note that the Intramurals department will pay for up to but no more than 4 (four) rooms per team.  The Coordinator of Intramurals reserves the right to disallow a team from playing in the state tournament due to unsportsmanlike or disciplinary concerns.  The coordinator may choose to send another team to represent NSU.



·           Travel to and from tournament site, food, signing all releases and medical forms, providing uniforms, and returning borrowed equipment.



·           Completing and returning team entry forms with a team roster of eligible participants to the Recreational Sports Office, completing and returning risk/waiver forms for each team member to the Recreational Sports Office, collection and submitting each player’s participation fee to the Recreational Sports Office, and be responsible for the team’s conduct at all tournament activities.



Each team that becomes the campus champion for a given sport will have the opportunity to go on to compete in the state tournament against campus champions from other universities.  In the event that a team must pick up players to go to the off-campus tournaments, each player must have played on a NSU intramural team in that sport and have been eligible for campus tournament play. 



Any team member or individual participant who is ejected from a state tournament for any reason may not represent NSU in a state tournament for the period of one school year beginning at the end of the semester in which that person was ejected.



The Recreational Sports Department is always in need of quality student officials.  Student officials are necessary to conduct a well-rounded, successful intramural program.  Officials are needed for flag football, volleyball, basketball, and softball.  Officials are given the opportunity to officiate at state, regional, and national tournaments.   Officials will be paid (if money is available) to attend clinics if and only if they officiate a minimum of five contests for the sport in which they have been trained.